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Universal Mobile Broadband Content Lock Solution

If you own a USB Mobile Broadband Dongle, particularly the pay as you go type, then you may have come up against the dreaded content lock page. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, and more importantly what you can do about it then read on …

It’s like this …
T-Mobile and a number of other broadband providers in their infinate wisdom decided to switch the ‘content lock’ on by default – this will block access to such things as adult sites / torrent sites / youtube / twitter and anything that they consider should only be available to over 18′s.
You can get the T-Mobile content lock turned of in several ways inc …

# Call 1818 and provide your credit card details.
# Log in to your T-Mobile account and Remove Content Lock under the ‘My Phone’ menu. (still requires credit card)
# Take your proof of age at any T-Mobile store. (doesn’t always work for various reasons)

… however this may not be practical for everyone, and some people have found it impossible to disable the content lock despite following T-Mobile’s instructions to the letter. Users of other networks (O2 / Vodafone / Orange / Virgin etc) have also experienced similar problems.

So what do I do if I don’t have a credit card (or don’t want to give T-Mobile / O2 / Vodafone etc my credit card details), and don’t live near a T-Mobile / O2 / Vodafone / Orange / Virgin etc store ?
Well there are 2 choices …

#1 – live with the restrictions
#2 – let us show you how to totally bypass the content lock !

Yes !  There really is a way to completely bypass the T-Mobile / O2 / Vodafone / Orange / Virgin content lock without giving anyone any details at all.
Our solution package contains 1 piece of software and simple but effective instructions that will allow you to …

# Access ALL adult sites
# Access ALL torrent sites
# Access ALL social networking sites
# Access ALL youtube type sites
# Access ALL download sites
# Access ALL the web !!!
# AND do all this completely anonymously !!!!!

Ok so what’s the catch ?
Well there really isn’t one !  This solution works 100% of the time – I have personally tested it extensively over the last 12 months (2010) and not once has a website failed to load (unless of course the website had problems of it’s own). The software does NOT contain any spyware or malware of any kind so it’s totally safe to use.

What do I need ?
You need a computer running windows 2000/xp/vista/7 and a USB Broadband Dongle (any model) – other resources are so minimal as to be not worth mentioning.
Sorry but there is currently no version for mac or linux.

How and where can I use it ?
Although this solution is primeraly intended for use in the UK with T-Mobile / O2 / Vodafone / Orange / Virgin etc pay as you go usb mobile broadband dongles, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work anywhere in the world. It will also work with contract dongles too !

What’s actually in the solution package ?
The package contains the modified browser (based on the opera free version), installation instructions in plain simple english, an extensive Q&A sheet with loads of usefull info.

Let’s cut to the chase – what does it cost ?   How do I get it ?
All I ask is a £4.99 GBP contribution – this allows me to fund the website, pay for the bandwidth for the downloads, and if there’s anything left I usually buy a tin of tuna for the cats.  Payment is via paypal and you will receive your secure download link shortly after your payment is confirmed (usually within 1 hour – often much less). The order process is an automated 24 hour system so it doesn’t matter what time of day or night you place your order.
You only pay once (not monthly etc) – then your set to go permenantly with no recuring fees and no registration – just simple un-cencored anonymous browsing.
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